Bhugtaan provides following benefits to the Retail Chains: -
 •  Retail Chains can Retail full range of Prepaid Recharge Services of Mobile Phones, DTH, and Data Cards from a Single Service which means they can increase the foot fall of Customers approaching their Retail Stores and of course increase their overall Sales and Profitability.

 •  Multiple Methods of Service Delivery. Retail Chains can vend Recharge Services using our Portal, Mobile Application or IVRS.

 •  Better Fund Management. Retail Chains need to open a Single Trading Balance Account to cater all Stores across India.

 •  No Fixed Capital Expenditure. No Need to Purchase Computers or a Point of Sale Machines or Terminals or numerous Mobile Phones. They can use their existing infrastructure such as any Computer/Mobile Phone to avail Recharge Services.

 •  No Fixed Recurring Expenditure. No Internet or Basic Telephone Subscription required as Mobile Application works on both SMS/GPRS.

 •  Easy, Convenient and Secure. No need to remember complex SMS Commands/Syntax to avail Recharge Services. Our Portal/Mobile Application provides an easy, convenient, quick and secure way to avail Recharge Services.

 •  Instant Pinless/Flexi/Easy Recharge helps to maintain the Cash Flows. No blockage of Investment in High Denomination PINs. No Minimum Order Quantities and No Delivery Hassles.

 •  Transparency and Accountability. Retail Stores can verify the Store-wise Account Statement, Transaction Logs by logging on to our Portal , followed by a Monthly Account Statement through Email.

 •  No Restriction. No Minimum Trading Balance.

 •  24x7x365 Dedicated Customer Support Services.

 •  For Further Details please contact us at our email address or call our IVRS No. +91-161-4640060.