1. If you have GPRS Services activated on your Phone, then you can Download the Mobile application from our Portal. For Andriod Mobiles: Bhugtaan Android App For Java Mobiles:Bhugtaan Java App.
  2. If you do not have GPRS Service activated on your Phone, then you can Download the Mobile application on your PC from our Portal using the above Link Bhugtaan Java App  and copy it to your Mobile Handset using USB Cable or Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. You can then open the File transferred on your Mobile Phone with JAR Extension to Install the application on your Mobile Handset by following the procedure below (the actual procedure may vary from Mobile Handset to Mobile Handset):-
    • Open the transferred file.
    • This may prompt you to Install Mobile Application. Select Yes to Continue.
    • Your Mobile Handset may now prompt Details of the Mobile Application which you are about to Install, Select Continue to Install the Mobile application.
    • After successful installation, you can Locate Bhugtaan Icon and open this application to Register and avail Recharge Services.
    • You can login using default PIN i.e '1234'
  4. You will not be able to avail Recharge Services until you Register your Mobile Handset with us. Scroll down and Select Registration from the Main Menu of the Mobile Application to fill the Registration Form and Submit it to our Server. After validating your Registration Form, the system will allot a User ID.
  5. Please Scroll Down and Select Settings from the Main Menu and Select Change PIN to change your PIN Number a new PIN that you can remember easily.